Reset 12 is underway!


We have already begun the mini-session in the House. Our first game year is 2010; everything that happened prior to 2010 didn't happen in our reset.

Special note: The economic crisis of 2008 and Obamacare did not take place either. The Tea Party is a much weaker entity in 2010. See Admin news to catch up on developments.

Elections for Senate and Governor seats will begin June 30th.

Current Administration

President Barack Obama (Admin-controlled)
RNC Chair: Kate Warren, TX (The Ricktator)
DNC Chair: Susan Booker, NJ (Booker)

House Control: Democrats
Speaker of the House of Representatives: Gabriel Ryan Clouseau, WI (Cross)
House Majority Leader: Patricia Knudsen, NE (Layna)
House Majority Whip: Tom Santos, IL (Stropp)
House Minority Leader: Tom Carroll, FL (Tom Carroll)
House Minority Whip: Martin Brady, OR (Carthrage)


Reset 12 is beginning on June 22, 2014!


US Govsim is in the midst of resetting our game world for Reset 12! Once we begin we'll be playing a small Congressional session leading up to our first slate of elections. These will determine which Party has control. If you want to join the fight now is the time!

Current administration: TBA

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